How to finish a day at the beach better than a fabulous massage. Our concierges have selected for you the best masseuses of Koh Samui who will move directly to your villa. You will be able to choose a lot of massages, different pag- es as fabulous as each other.


Traditional Thai massage From 800 baht

Relaxing oil massage From 800 baht

Back neck shoulder From 800 baht

Deep Thai massage From 1200 baht

Aroma therapy massage From 1000 bahts

Coconut cream massage From 1000 baht

Aloe vera massage From 1000 baht

Body scrub and massage From 1200 bahts

Traditional Thai Oil Massage From 1,000 Baht

Deep Sport Oil Massage From 1,200 baht

Hot aroma therpy massage From 1,200 baht

Vitamin E moisturizing cream From 1,000 baht

Virgin coconut oil massage From 1,000 baht

Hot virgin coconut oil massage From 1,200 baht

Milk oil massage From 1,000 baht

Herbal hot compress massage From 1,200 baht

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