Estimate of your property

Knowledge of real estate market prices

The Barnes Thailand consultants are competent and recognized professionals of the high-end real estate in the world, regularly trained to the exercise of this profession. Efficient and discreet, they put their experience at your service to provide you with a realistic and relevant estimate of your property.

Real estate valuation on site and confidential

In order to realize a real estate estimate of quality, precise and realistic, the consultants Barnes Thailand go on the spot to each of their missions in order to value at best the characteristics of your exceptional property. The estimated value and the address of the property remain confidential and are only revealed in fine to the purchasers really interested, and this, with your agreement.

Sell a property

The signature of the mandate
Once the consultant has communicated to you the precise value of your property, Barnes Thailand offers to take charge of its sale as a whole: administrative management, visits, negotiations, drafting of documents, support until the final sale ...

The sale on sale
Worldwide - and especially in France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain and the United States where Barnes Thailand has many offices - our clients have immediate access to all the prestigious properties for sale in the most beautiful cities and resorts in the world.